5 Best Waves in the Canary Islands

5 Best Waves in the Canary Islands


Following a drawn-out discussion the travelnsurf.com team has chosen the five best waves of Canary Islands. It was not an easy task since many world class waves have been left out, but to narrow the list to the five, we had to cut. The Canary Islands are one of the best surfing destinations in all Europe so we thought it was worthwhile to post their best waves.

1. Spanish Left (Playa de las Américas, Tenerife Island) 5 stars

One of the best known waves of the Canary Islands The Spanish Left is also referred to as ìLa Izquierdaî that literally means the Left. This left hand wave of average difficulty is considered by many surfers the best wave of Tenerife. It offers quality waves practically throughout the whole year and it works with any tide. Anyway the ideal conditions are when the swell direction is from the northwest / west, the wind direction is from the south / southeast and mid tide. In its best days you can find a perfect left-hand wave with good barrels. A knowledge of the bottom helps as there are a lot of large sharp rocks on entry and exit and watch out for urchins! Get up early and respect locals if you want to enjoy this peak! Playa de las Americas is one of the most popular touristic areas of Tenerife and on the beach you will find all the services you need such as parking, restaurants, lifeguards, bars and all kind of amenities.

2. El Confital (Las Palmas, Gran Canaria) 5 stars

The Confital is considered the best right hand reef break of all Canary Islands and even Europe. Its wave is fast and powerful, with world class barrels. It is a very versatile peak that works best with rising or falling tide and the ideal conditions are when the swell direction is from the north / northwest. When there is big swell and the right conditions the wave can reach 3 meters high with amazing barrels!! This wave is recommended for experienced surfers. During the weekends the spot can be very crowded with locals fighting over every wave, but during the week you may have the opportunity to enjoy this Canary gem.

3. La Santa (Tinajo, Lanzarote) 5 stars.

La Santa is possibly the best wave of Lanzarote. This surf spot offers a fast and explosive right hand wave and a longer and tubing left hand wave. It is a dangerous and difficult spot so it is recommended to go surfing with some local riders that can help you with some tips on this tricky spot. La Santa works best with mid and high tide although some body boarders love to get barrelled with low tide, very close to the sharp and shallow reef bottom.  The ideal conditions are when the swell direction is from North / Northwest / west and the wind direction is from north.  It needs some decent swell to work well.

4. The Bubble (Majanicho, Fuerteventura) 5 stars

The Hawaii is here! Set on the northern coast of Fuerteventura, The Bubble is a world class right hand wave that will astonish you. When a North / Northwest swell combines with offshore winds, The Bubble breaks hard on the sharp reef, offering world-class tube. The waves work best between 4 to 6 feet (head high to double overhead). It is a powerful, fast and very shallow wave strongly recommended for experienced surfers. It works best with mid and low tide.

5. Los Lobos (Fuerteventura) 5 stars

This well known surf spot is set on the island of Los Lobos, which is accessed by ferry from Corralejo harbour. The wave breaks along the base of an old volcano. This spot offers long right hand waves with several sessions that can connect and provide a ride that can last up to 500 meters long. Itís pure adrenaline! Los Lobos works best with waves ranging from 3 to 6 feet (overhead - head and a half), but can hold bigger swell reaching 8 feet waves (triple overhead). Los Lobos is very versatile surf spot and works best with mid and low tide. The best wind direction is from Northeast / East / Southeast. The island of Los Lobos is uninhabited and has a lunar landscape, so get ready, take loads of food, water and do not forget your sun screen and booties.

Well, these are the Travelnsurf team favourites, which are yours?

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